Welcome to Bob Sachs Music!

Here you’ll find information about all my musical endeavors. Hopefully I’ll get to see you out at a live performance. Just check my calendar or send me an email to be included on my weekly email update.

Big Frank sitting in @ Morgan Creek Grill

Frank Waddell has been a great friend for a good while and often sits in! This guy writes some funny songs and some great serious ones too. <a href="http://frankwaddell.com:">His site here.</a>

I perform several genres of music and play a number of different instruments… Mandolin, Guitar, Fiddle and a few others you may not know.

In addition to events on the calendar at right I make regular appearances at local Song Writer events. I also manage to “raid” gigs of many friends on short notice. If you want the most up to date schedule weekly including gigs I plan to visit, send me an email to be included on my weekly email update. I also do a fair number of private gigs that are not listed here.

With Wanda Johnson, Pete Ledbetter, Bob Tobin

Was asked to sit in when a writer couldn't make it to a showcase. Of the three others I only knew Bob Tobin when I walked in. All three turned out to be wonderful in their own right and I loved being accompanist.

On occasion I enjoy jumping from side man to front man, playing guitar and singing. I’ve been working on that lately and have had a pretty good time in the process. This is also forcing me to hone my guitar chops since I am usually in a duo or solo when I’m on guitar. Thanks to my great pal Marci Shore for hanging by me on the fiddle to make this easier!!

Can’t let the Mandolin get too far from me though since it’s like a part of me. I love playing gigs on Mandolin and even get lots of chances to “raid” friends gig and sit in on Mandolin. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to give that up long as I can still play!