Here’s some photos you may enjoy. There have been some great times had and many more to come!!

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Bob Sachs & The Maniax

This band started by Carroll Brown back when he had Ocean Song Cafe. First it was Carroll, Roger Bellow and me. Over the years it has changed a bit but always fun music!!
Bob Sachs & The Maniax

Playing with Roger Bellow

25+ years I've played with Roger and it's always fun, crazy, and incredible music!
Roger & I Swinging a Wedding

The Beebos

This band is an offshoot of Tuesday nights. Walter take the lead here and we play an interesting mix of country, folk, folk-rock, and alternative.
Beebos at Dunleavy's.jpg


This is a private festival put on by my pal Frank Waddell. It's outside Beaufort, SC near Frogmore. It's annual so pics may be from any year.
Frogstock 2010 a

International Music

Here's some shots from some of my trips abroad. Most often Costa Rica but other places as well and hopefully more to come.
2012-05-20 The SC Boys @ DDPeckers.jpg

Southern Rail

I spent 11 years on the road with this great band based in the Boston, MA area. It was great times, great friends & fans, and great music!
Southern Rail - 2002

Back In The Day

Images from years gone by including my first band, The Road Warriors. Note that John Ramsey built the mandolin I'm playing here and it is hands down the best mando I own and the best I've played. Oh, and yes, I've played Mike Marshall's Loar! He played my Ramsey and his eyes got real big as he said "Where the heck did you get this?!?!?!"
The Road Warriors circa about 1985.

Misc Shots

Who knows how many shots will end up here. I'm so lucky to get to do so many one time shows with different folks. Don't always get pics. I will say, if you have good pics of any local musician please share them with that musician. We need them and can't take them ourselves! Thanks!
Me with John Brannen


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